Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Run for ... Food?

On Sunday, May 31, I ran another race. I could run one every weekend, here in GDL, and I could choose which one I preferred. See there are many races held throughout the city every weekend.  WHY? I never really thought much about it but Ernie had it explained to him while I was running.  

Apparently Mexico had been rated as having the highest obesity rate among children, and the second highest among adults, worldwide. It was decided that something needed to be done about it. So they began to promote physical fitness and overall health (somewhat like the birth of 'Participaction' in Canada some years ago).  Where you once would find a gym, or two, in an entire city, now you find one or two on almost every other block!  There are gyms that are accesible to every income level. If you can not even afford those, most parks have a walking track and even some outdoor fitness machines. The parks are free. The park across the street from us is full of runners, joggers, and walkers of every shape and size. 

Is that why I run? Is that why I go to the gym? No! I was blessed with good genes, and have not had to 'battle the bulge' for the most part. That said, I love going to the gym because there is community there. You know you will see your friends there. Many go for the friendships and 'hanging out' as much, if not more so, as they go for the exercise factor. 

 Below are the ladies who ran in the biggest race Guadalajara hosts. The race is ladies only, with approx. 15,000 running throughout Mexico (the race is held simultaneously in a number of cites), once a year. We did not run together, per se, but we did it together.  Then we went for breakfast together.  What fun we had!

Veronica, Penny, Diane, Alejandra, Connie

Now for the real reason I run and go to the gym... wait for it ... ... so I can eat!  Yep! Plain and simple.  Mexico has some great food and I do not want to be one of those women that always says no because they are on a diet.  They laugh at me at the gym when I tell them this.  I can be heard saying, "life it too short to eat cucumbers" {considered a free calorie here on most diets}. And food is another thing one can do with others.
Karina, lovingly referred to as Chapis, myself and Ernie

Chapis is a friend from the gym who wanted us to experience 'Karnes Garibaldi', a typical dish here in GDL. The food is fantastic but the service is exceptional. They won the fastest service record for  the Guiness Book of World Records. It is amazing.  

Come on down and you can join us for both, the gym and the food!  Ask our kids, they enjoyed both while here.

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