Thursday, 23 July 2015

Good Times

What happens when old people try to use technology?  It does not always work!  It does not always do what one told it to do!  Apparently.  That said, that is why the blog was blank for a week or was it 2?  Ernie, who nicely and carefully edits my posts, even writes them on occasion, scheduled the posts to post and they did not.  Was it the computers fault or ours?  Let's just say, we are saying it was the computers, but more than likely it was us :(   SORRY

Moving along.  Just wanted to share some happenings in-between posts:
Baking Lessons

Alejandrina cutting the finished product

Best part of baking - licking the beaters!

Jordana - frosting!?
At Christmas when my kids were here, my wonderful daughter-in-law, Jaycia, did some baking with our friends daughters.  They couldn't seem to reproduce any of it at home so I did a 'redo' with the mother present.  Problem observed and solved, measuring is important!  They left with a pan of sheet brownies, a sheet pan of banana cake, M & M cake and a Triple Chocolate Banana Loaf.  They were overwhelmed, but I can't eat it and no way was all that staying for Ernie!! Good bonding time with a wonderful family.


  1. Just to say......Ernie and Diane.....I LOVE reading your posts!! It gives me a peek into your life. Thank you so much!!! 😊

  2. I had added a smiley at the end. I guess the post did not like that so it added 2 question marks. Smiles!!