Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I'm no Martha Steward

I have not counted how many cakes I've baked since I moved here...but let me tell you there have been a few. I have never claimed to be Martha Steward, or any such iconic figure, in the kitchen. I would actually go as far as to say that I don't particularly love the kitchen! However, 'liking' and 'ability' are two very different things. I won't even get into whether my baking looks like it belongs in a magazine.

But, baking is something that comes with my heritage. I tell my friends that my sister and I could make "One Bowl Chocolate Cake" without the recipe by 10 years of age. Where I come from, I say, girls grow up in the kitchen alongside their mom's ... for some, even their grandma's. Now I know that that it not without its exceptions. I know girls at home who can't boil water! 

So I bless people with my baking. I bring sheet cakes to the gym: banana, brownies, carrot, etc. I have made Truffle,  muffins - even bread. Thanks to Jeanine Friesen from Faithfully Gluten Free I have now successfully made gluten free bread, which gets the same great reviews! Every time someone tells my I should open a bakery. UGH! I tell them that no, I would lose the joy in doing it.  I do it because I want to bless them. Making money would put an end to that blessing. 

I have even given a class to some young ladies who wanted to learn. Well, actually it was a refresher course as they had not paid enough attention when my daughter-in-law gave them the class. They were enjoying her and having fun.  

Today I made a batch of banana chocolate chip mini muffins and a batch of gluten free blueberry muffins. Most get given away or shared. A whole recipe never stays at our place.  

Canadian BBQ dessert table: Lalo, Gaby and Joaquin
My first attempt at Gluten Free Bread!
Jaycia 'teaching' the girls to bake
Attempt #2

The things you take for granted when you grow up baking. Measuring? What's soda? Why soda and not baking powder? etc. etc. 

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  1. So great, Diane!!
    Would love your gluten free bread recipe. Would that be a possibility?
    Hugs!! 😊