Wednesday, 5 August 2015

La Playa

We are so blessed.  Living in Guadalajara puts us a mere 3-4 hours from the ocean.  But the real blessing isn't the beach, although that is gorgeous.  The very real blessing of living in Guadalajara is the people.  We have been blessed with some very wonderful friends.  Friends to laugh with, friends to talk with, friends to bond with, friends that give joy to living.  And some times we get to join the two - friends and the beach.

On Saturday we left for the beach with Lalo, Carmen and their kids.  We had decided that we would all go together to join another family at the beach.  Yes, we could each drive separately (very Western) and yes we would have been there at the time set (also a Western concern), but driving with friends, priceless!  So we left later than we were planning to, and we took longer getting there, (the lunch stop was oh so worth it!)  and we returned home a day later than planned.  But the benefits of being together far outweighed the time factor.

We spent several days at Sergio and Claudia's place in Sayulita (about 1/2 hour from Puerto Vallarta).  We lazed around, played table games, swam in the ocean, enjoyed the cooling water of the pool, and ate.  And boy did we eat!  Claudia is a *5 Star* cook.  We laughed and laughed and laughed some more.  Friendships were deepened with every discussion, from religion and faith, politics, business, Mexican life, Canadian life, to family.  Could not put a price tag on the weekend.

I might add here, for those of you who vacation in Vallarta, Cancun or the like, there is nothing like small town Mexico.  Where the atmosphere is slow and relaxed, everybody greets everybody, you can leave your stuff out, the streets are filled with people, restaurants take over the streets with their tables to serve their guests.  It is unparalleled.

Here are some photos of our time together, rather, here are some memories of our time together... ...
Ernie with our host, Sergio
Me with our hostess, Claudia
Every morning we took a hike through the forest and along the beach
Missing the gym - a little Pilates/yoga?
Who can but Praise the Lord for His Creation!
Let the good times roll .... ....

Claudia, with her son Estefan (they reminded me of me and my boys)
chatting poolside, with ocean view
evening table games - winners and losers!
Ernie, Lalo, Sergio (host), Ochoa

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