Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Questions and Answers

5 Things You have wondered about:

1. Is Sunset and Sunrise the same time every day, every season?

One thing people, who have travelled to Canada, say to me is that 'your sun never sleeps'!  Obviously those people went during the summer months, because they would say the opposite were they to be there in winter.  Here, in the summer, the sun rises at 7:30 a.m. and sets at 8:19 but in the winter it sets just after 6 p.m. and rises just a little earlier. I must say I miss the long summer evenings.  

I must say that I also miss our marked seasons in Manitoba.  My favourite season was always Fall, with all the wonderful colours.  I would say things are pretty much the same here.  The only noticeable weather changes are rainy season - I have NEVER heard thunder like I do here! Then, when it gets to be 'winter', it gets 'cool'.  People here actually wear scarves, mitts and toques! 

2. Do people play table games and if so what?

Yes, they do play table games.  Ernie is a lover of table games so he has taught several people to play Cribbage and golf (card game).  He has played Sequence and Scrabble.  We were invited to play cards with some neighbours a couple of times and we played what they called 'Continental' (like Phase 10), but played with regular playing cards.  

3. Do you eat weird things?

That is a two fold question really.  Do I? I try to avoid it!  Do they? Absolutely!  But define 'weird'.  One of the things that kids eat here regularly, which I try to avoid, and would say most kids at home would also... are Tacos de Lengua.  Tongue Tacos.  Do people eat tongue at home? Yes, I have heard that they do.  My boys were served them while here; Mike ate it and Chris was trying.  When I saw him struggling I told him to leave it, my friend's daughter would gladly take it off his hands!  She ate 9 tongue tacos that meal! She is 14!
Mexicans do not waist ANY part of the cow! Every part gets made into tacos! At most taco stands they would serve regular beef tacos, tongue, head, cheek, then many serve brain as well.  They eat the intestines, the stomach, the blood.  Everything is used to make something.  We try to avoid some of these 'special' dishes!

4. Are the traffic laws they same?

Now that is a loaded question! Whether they are the same or not really isn't the question.  The question is do they KNOW them!?  You see, where at home we read the book, right the test, and are then expected to abide by the rules we supposedly read, here many never read the book!  Drivers Education here, when taken, is a four hour class!  Many got their license while living in rural Mexico, where they learned to drive before 10 years of age! Parents can also 'buy' a license for their kids and sign that they are responsible! So whether the rules are the same or not seems to be a mute point!

Stop signs are a suggestion.  Green, Yellow, Red also pretty much a suggestion. Left hand turns from the extreme right lane, sure why not!  Speed limit, suggestion.  Driving while texting, all the time! Rules of the road are basically, pay attention and drive defensively. 

5.  What would be something that is a norm in Mexico, that they would fine odd, if visiting Canada?

Well, we just had a young teenage girl, from Dallas and Tara's cell group, visit Canada for 2 months so she answered that question.  Greetings: Hi and good bye.  The most important thing to do in Mexico is greet. At the very least you shake their hand but more often than not a kiss on the cheek.  In Canada there is no rule.  Sometimes you do nothing, sometimes you say a general hi, sometimes you shake hands.  When do you do what?  Its a guessing game.  Makes for many socially awkward moments for a foreigner.  

So there are some answers to a few of the question of the enquiring mind!

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