Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Canada / Mexico

5 Things that are just different, living in Mexico instead of in Canada:

1. CANADA - I can't say I miss shovelling my driveway. Back breaking work! Snow blowers and bobcat's might have made it not so bad!

1. MEXICO - I much prefer what needs to be done here, each homeowner is in charge of keeping the area in front of their place clean - sweeping, picking up trash, and the like.  I sweep my carport and hose it down.

2. CANADA - I most certainly miss my dishwasher but even more, I miss our water softener (I can't say I ever had a feeling about my softener till not having one)!

2. MEXICO - Washing dishes by hand is not a favourite thing to do but since we are only 2, doable. When you host people, and they leave at midnight, more in the line of work!  Get over it! However, soft water is a longing.  Not having a water softener means water stains and build up everywhere - kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, showers, etc. Drives me nuts.

3. CANADA - I miss electric stove and oven, even more so because I had a smooth glass-top one.  SO easy to clean! The oven feature I miss the most is broil.  I asked a Mexican about the lack of broil, and what they did without it ... they use their toaster ovens.

3. MEXICO - Gas stoves are just not my favourite.  Heat differently, don't broil, and I hate cleaning the whole thing. Once again - get over it Diane!

4. CANADA - I do not miss air conditioning in every building, being cranked till it freezes you to death! One would think that after all those months of freezing cold weather you would want to be warm.  Apparently not. Restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Can't really go out on a hot day without a sweater.

4. MEXICO - Mexican's believe air conditioning is bad! Makes you sick! Grocery stores and even the gym where we go, are temperate. But the best thing, restaurants are often open air, patios and terraces - never need a sweater.  I LOVE eating at a restaurant where we are mostly outside, in the fresh air.
Birthday Breakfast with neighbour ladies
5. CANADA - I miss casual.  Jeans and t-shirts are the norm and high heels are the exception. I never put overly much thought into what I was putting on when I went out. I rarely thought about whether I was going to be over or under dressed.  Hair and make-up were also not a big thing.  Au natural.
Birthday breakfast with some of the ladies from the gym
Dance class - instructor in the middle.... ps that's not a tattoo, but a 5k race sticker! :-) 
5. MEXICO - My neighbour lady mentioned recently how much I had changed, hair, make-up, clothes! It was not without effort, let me tell you.  Guadalajara is more extreme than the rest of Mexico, but these people have no concept of casual or Au natural.  While I appreciate the care they take in their appearance they are a little over the top.

These are but a few things that have come to mind recently.  Many things, like washing dishes, I just tell myself to get over it.   Other things, I am so happy about, are the lack of air conditioning (As some may remember, I am noted for always being cold in Canada). Most things are not a huge cross to bear.  Other things took evaluation and thought.  In some areas of life you must adapt and in others you just let it go. Flexibility is a good trait to have if you want to live cross-culturally.

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