Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mi Amiga

Our neighbours - Mario and Alejandra
When God placed me in Guadalajara, He knew where I needed to land.  Right next door to the Mendoza/Barrientos family.  Ale (as I call her) was one of the first to come and extend a welcome, she is the one who has invited to me most things and made sure that I am feeling part of life here.

Ale is a true friend of the heart.  She introduced herself to my children as her 'sister'.  I was touched by that but more so have felt it lived out from day to day.  Our lives cross in so many areas: we attend the gym together (her invite), we go to book club together (she invited me), we attend SEAN class together (my invite, but she brought the group together) and we go to breakfast together with the neighbour ladies.

She has also made us honorary members of her family.  We, along with our kids, spent Christmas with her and her family, as well as New Years.  We feel blessed to know her sisters, her mother and the whole gang.  

But one of the things that make us good friends is our desire to grow and be better people. We want to stretch, mature, develop and grow.  The book club is where we go to read books where we learn something - historical novels, often times.  We also get to hear a speaker each month, whether a medical doctor, a professor of history or literature, or a novelist.  We enjoy SEAN, because our faith is important to us.  We desire to become more like Jesus.  We go to the gym because we want to keep our bodies strong and healthy.  We love our families and friends and cherish each relationship.  

I probably wouldn't be so active and involved, knowing as many people as I do,  if it were not for Ale.  She has been an example to me, to reach out to others, to be open and honest, caring about others.  She has taught me to stretch myself and grow each day.  She is not perfect, nor am I, but she is the kind of person each one of us should have in our lives and try to be for others.  They say you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with.  Well, in this case, that is to my benefit. 

The Neighbour Ladies
Ale and I

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