Wednesday, 16 September 2015

VIVA Mexico!

The grill
Today is the 16 of September, Mexican Independence, so today is a national holiday.  However, the celebrating happens on the 15th in the evening (and the whole month of September is considered 'month of the patria').  It is called 'el grito' (the shout) because late on this evening, many years ago, Hidalgo shouted their independence.  This year however, Mexicans are unhappy, with their president, with the way things are happening in the country, the currency rate, etc. etc.  Fireworks were cancelled, in some places, as were some celebrations.  Many chose to get together in homes, because in the end, any reason to party is good enough to get together with family and friends.  We joined our neighbours.
Our neighbours: Mario and Alejandra

Ernie and Jorge - the grill masters
The Ladies: 2 are sisters to Ale and the other her lifetime friend
Our life here is about people and relationships.  We are invited to many gatherings.  I get excited when the calendar looks blank! That has its ebb and flow, sometimes lots of flow and little ebb.  
Tuesday's Party with the gym people
Coach Manuel (center) often encourages gatherings.
I take his Power Ball and Rhythm (dance) classes
We attended a birthday party with our neighbours.  A wonderful Sunday afternoon, with Mariachi!
The neighbours who attended
Ernie was the photographer, thus the odd picture for a birthday party: This is the hosting couple, his birthday and the fabulous Mariachi... ...

Fransisco and Tina 
Marco, Ernie and Mariano 
That same weekend, two very special folks dropped in.  These two young men were our neighbour boys in Chihuahua.  The one on the right, Mariano, was like an older brother to our sons.  He would bring them to me when they fell off their bikes, cut themselves or whatever malady had befallen them.  It was so nice to touch base with them.

This week was definitely full of good things but it is nice to have a Mexican holiday right now.  We can take some down time.  We are blessed with rich relationships.  God is Good - all the time.  Covet your prayers each and every day. Shalom.

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