Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What's Up and Coming

We have begun our season of busy.  This Fall is full of activities.  So what we need right now is to learn to build margin into our lives.  This is at times hard to do.  We want to say yes to everything, to every opportunity.  We enjoy the things we are doing, we enjoy the people we are doing them with, and so it always makes for a struggle.

September brought us an Ascend participant.  Ascend is an EMC program whereby young people can go abroad and learn about missions,  learn a new language (or try at least) plus experience a new culture.  So we are excited to be hosting Allison:
Allison with Paulina (from Wiebe's Cell)
Allison will be here for 8 months.  She is presently living with her Spanish teacher, where she will stay for a month.  Following that she will be moving in with Paulina and her family.  She is an eager student and willing to learn, grow and experience everything.  Pray for her and all her adjustments. Pray also for us as a staff as we work together with her.

Then, in October, Ernie and I have another very special visitor coming...

Myself with Jessy - trying some "Canadian Mexican" food in Winnipeg
Jessy is the dean of women as Steinbach Bible College and is on a Sabbatical.  She is taking 2 months to join us here in Guadalajara.  We are looking forward to her coming and the blessing she will be to our lives.  Pray for this time together.  Jessy is taking this time to rest, rejuvenate and hear from God.  We want to help facilitate that for her.  Just 28 more days.

The next major event that is upcoming is our annual staff retreat.  We are blessed this year to have a speaker come to bless us.  So Pastor Darryl and his wife Sharon from Kleefeld EMC are coming for about a week.  We are looking forward to hearing from him and enjoying showing him our work here in GDL.  Pray for him as he prepares and for their time here.

Once again we have our annual prayer team coming in November.  This is organised by the home office.  Team leaders, Darrel and Audrey Guenther, will be leading the group.  I believe they still have room and we would love to have you come.  No skills required, just a willingness to bring Mexico and the work before the throne.  
Darrel & Audrey Guenther - leaders
So that is the 'big picture' of what our Fall looks like.  This is on top of our weekly SEAN class which we love.  They will be starting Book 4 today!  They are enjoying it and learning how the life of Jesus fits together.  We also continue to meet with 3 couples every other Wednesday to challenge each other and grow in our faith.  We are slowly working our way through the Gospel of John with that group. 

Like I said, we enjoy what we are doing but covet your prayers as things get a little crazy.  Good thing we have a Big God who is Awesome!


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