Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Mission Accomplished!

     As you will have noticed by last week's blog, I (Ernie) spent the week in Ixtapa on a building project. The plan was to incorporate men from Canada and Mexico, into one work team, with the goal of building a home for 'abuelo' (Grandpa), as he is affectionately called.
Ernie, Abuelo, and Sergio
     We were able to finish the project, including windows and doors and even move Abuelo from the shack where he used to live.
Ernie, Abuelo, Dallas - in front of finished home 
all of Abuelo's earthly possessions fit in the back of a half-ton
This is where Abuelo used to live
     We were also able to replace the roof on another home at the dump, so that they would have better protection from the rain. As you can see they would be benefited by better walls as well!
new roof on neighbour's home
     Sid Reimer, owner of Lakeview Insurance in Winnipeg, has been going to Ixtapa for some 13 years, and, instead of just relaxing at the beach, has been involved in a variety of projects that are meant to help the marginalised and under privileged. This was his brainchild! Way to go Sid!
Sid Reimer with Abuelo
     Maybe you're also looking for a way to get involved. The five of us that went to Ixtapa from GDL all felt that we had accomplished something important. We'd made a difference. And we got to get to know and bond with others in the process: the 4 Canadian men that came, the men from the dump that also lent a hand, and many others. Maybe you're a senior that likes to spend your winters in a warmer climate, but you don't want to just sit around - you want to make a difference. There are many similar opportunities out there - what you waiting for?

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