Wednesday, 28 October 2015

War Room (Cuarto de Guerra)

Recently Ernie and I were joined by friends from the gym to see this movie.  It was interesting to sit through such a movie, as an evangelical, while sitting alongside Catholics. Things that would be 'normal' to us might be viewed completely differently by them.  Since we went to see a very late showing, 10 p.m. (meaning it ended after midnight) we didn't get time to discuss it (We hope to do this tomorrow night).  Their only comment, as we said good night. was "You pray for us and we pray for you."  I would say they got the principle theme of the movie.

There are lots of themes in this movie that warrant discussion.  Prayer is the obvious theme.  This a tool we have at our disposal and we do not make enough use of it.  Miss Clara had a deep and connected prayer life, which she tried to passionately pass on to someone who had lost that connection.  This theme, beautifully depicted, leaves you longing to deepen your prayer life.

But there are sub themes that warrant discussion as well.  Marriages, integrity and other values, forgiveness... just to name a few. Rather than me expounding on the movie, I would like to encourage you to go see it.  Take a friend, whether a believer or not.  Go as a group and then go for coffee and discuss it.  I won't tell you more so that I don't spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet! Enjoy!

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