Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A Conundrum

Does the sign on the left mean no left turn? Or is it a 'suggestion' that you not make a left turn? Does a stop sign mean you must stop or is it implying that you use precaution? Rules? Laws?

I am always amazed at how my 'rule following' and 'rule quoting' husband seems to thing that certain signs are not there so that you do, or do not do, said thing, but rather a reminder to use precaution!  It makes me laugh when we have guests from Canada and he flies through a stop sign. Immediately following said infraction, someone will inevitable say, "Wasn't that a stop sign back there?"  Which he then tries to explain as somehow being a sign to indicate you should be cautious!  (Confused look on people's faces)
What is most funny to me is the mind process whereby people come to this form of logic.  He is not alone in this, by the way!  What I find even funnier is that when someone else uses his logic, how it disturbs him!

I am always amazed at how culture effects us.  In the Western world, rules are not guidelines, rules are meant to be followed.  One knows that if they choose to break a rule, and there are times when that happens, there are possible consequences which could be applied (Like my son choosing to go over the speed limit when he is late for a hockey game)! Or people who STILL talk on their cell phones while driving. I'll just leave it at that!

But culture affects you.  I never go through a day when Ernie doesn't produce a chuckle in me for his criteria regarding rule following.

Come down and you will probably experience one of those moments, and he won't even be aware he ran that stop sign, or, I'll have to admit, that I went through what was a VERY Yellow light!

Other breaking news:
Prayer Team along with our cell groups
We hosted the Prayer Team from Canada and enjoyed a wonderful 10 days with them.  They left and we did a quick regroup.  Jessy is still with us and we are enjoying our time with her.  We then hosted a neighbour friend from Chihuahua for 5 days.
Myself, Marco and Ernie
We are hosting a few other guests in December, so we will be busy.  Pray for us especially during December as it is a busy time with all the Christmas 'posadas' (parties and gatherings) plus the count down has begun for our children's arrival.  Once again they are blessing us with the best gift ever - their presence!  

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