Wednesday, 4 November 2015

You Go Girl!

Me, Jessy and Ernie
Our dear friend Jessy is here! Jessy is the dean of women at Steinbach Bible College and she is on sabbatical.  So she decided to take two months of that time to join us here in GDL.  She has been joining us in living our lives here.  That means, among other things, fitness!  So ... ...
On the way to the gym ...
On her first day she began by joining Ernie in his yoga class.  An hour later she said she could feel some new muscles!  Then we moved to another classroom where her and I attended Latin Rhythm Dancing.  We stayed for only a part of the class.  She loved it, even though we both agreed we certainly couldn't move like the teacher!

Jessy prior to class!
Day 2 at the gym she joined me.  I told her that this was my favourite gym day but also my hardest day.  Above she looks all happy and energetic, which is good because she had just finished 45 minutes of Dancika (a mix of dance and aerobics).  
Nelson, our Instructor, who we follow
Following that class we take a 15 minute break and set up for Tono Muscular (muscle toning class).
This class can make a grown woman cry.  Nelson, works a muscle group till you KNOW it is there!  It's tough but gets results.  I encouraged her to be careful; I have been doing this for a year and I often ache after.  So, its important to know when you should quit or rest - even if he tells you to not give up and to keep going.  She did really well but once again felt new muscles!
Us with our teacher, Nelson
The picture below says it all!
Nelson pushing me to the next level...always!

But, we don't only go to the gym, we still use the park across the street.  So, while Jessy has not taken out a gym membership during her two months, here she is joining our active lifestyle.  She has begun to jog in the park, twice a week with her friend and our co-worker, Tara, and the other days I join her.  
First day jogging!
As you can see, we are active but we love it.  If you come down for a visit, bring your sneakers and some active wear.  The park is huge, its across the street, and it is free.  You could join us at the gym for a small fee.  Physical fitness has been the way we have gotten to meet many people and has given us the side benefit of building healthy bodies.  I think Jessy may be jogging when she gets back home, although that minus 40 weather would put a damper on it for me.  

Here it's almost always (as Ernie keeps singing to us) .... "And the sun is shining... ...."

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