Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Happy New Year!

I hope you have all enjoyed the holidays so far.  I know I have because our children are here for a visit.  If you know our kiddos, that means go! go! go!  They arrived on the 18th in Vallarta and so we enjoyed a week on the beach.  It was mostly relaxing.  Then we headed 'home' to Guadalajara.  Here they had basically one goal - EAT TACOS! The rest was just gravy!
Tacos Aleteos
The above photo is at their favourite taco place here in Guadalajara.  They serve all kinds of tacos here: beef (NOT ground), pork, tongue, cheek, brain, head, etc. This evening they each ate 12 tacos and told the guys they served the WORLD'S BEST TACOS!  

Aside from some good eats we have just enjoyed being together after being apart for a year.  They joined us at the gym, we did some sight seeing, hung out with some friends they met last year and all around had fun. 
Watching the others come in on the Zipline we just finished
Mike & Jaycia in front of the swinging bridge
Mike, Ernie and Chris - falls at the park
They are leaving soon, for which we are sad, but can't complain as I would have never dreamed they would be able to come two years in a row! God has been so good to us in 2015 and we can only anticipate the same, as that is the kind of God we serve - faithful. 

We want to wish each and every one of you a very wonderful 2016.  May God bless and keep each one of you in His tender care.  Happy New Year!

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