Wednesday, 16 December 2015

There's a Chef in the House

So as you might remember me saying, our friend Jessy has been here visiting for the past 2 months.  She was joined by her boyfriend Peter Fehr this past week and we have really enjoyed having them.  Peter has brought his many talents with him, and we have been the lucky recipients.  Peter is a chef and so Peter and Jessy decided to bless our little group with a special home cooked meal.
Jessy and Peter
On Monday night I hosted dinner at our place.  Peter, our resident Chef,  and Jessy, his sous chef, prepared the meal.  I enjoyed mostly watching and learning.  I did offer to cut, chop and the like, if that counts?! So, following are pictures of the evening.
Like all good banquets, we had sponsors!  Since Peter has a business, and sells finishing sauces, we made him the sponsor!  (You can check his business out on Facebook or check them out at Prairie Oils and Vinegars, The Forks or Winkler Co-op.  Commercial ends here.
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This evening brought to you by 'Gourmet Inspirations' 
Appetizer by Jessy 
Then came the main course ... ...
Roasted potatoes (formed by hand), green beans with bacon and sugar roasted nuts, chicken with creamy white wine dejón... with some pretty garnishes

Then for dessert ....Flambeed Bananas... ...yum 
Oh, and Dallas and Tara's kids got their own version of the meal... 

The boys got mashed potatoes, one string bean (as per instructions by the boys), mozza sticks, and chicken. 

It was a lovely evening together and a real blessing for each one of us. Thanks Peter and Jessy, you have no idea how much you have blessed us.  

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  1. So so fun! Peter and I were talking yesterday about how much fun we had cooking together during the week with you. Thank you for speaking into our lives!