Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tis the Posada ...

December in Mexico is the season of Posadas - Christmas get togethers.  Today the talk at the gym was about how many they each had coming up.  Some had as many as three in one day.  Complicated.  You see, here everybody belongs to groups of friends.  School moms are in a group, gym friends are in groups, the guys have a poker group, a soccer group, a work group and this group and that group.  Each group seems to plan their own little 'posada'.  They also don't seem to mix groups very easily.  I have one for my power-ball and dance instructor, which is separate and distinct from the other dance/muscle toning instructor.  Therefore, I have 2 different parties.  Not to mention the over arching gym party.

One thing can be said about the Mexican people - any reason to get together is a good one.  The more the merrier. 10 parties is better than 1.

So, we had our cell group posada this past Sunday.  We once again headed to Rick and Ale's terraza just out of the city.  We began with snacks and socializing.  Then we had the traditional meal, tamales! Yum! Yum! Lots of flavours and even more calories!! To drink we enjoyed 'ponche' which is a warm fruit drink with the fruit pieces in it.
The group
This was followed by an ice breaker game led by Alison (our Ascend student) and Paulina (from Wiebe's group) as her translator.  Fun was had, along with a bit of a competitive spirit.  From there we all settled down and Sergio read the Christmas story from Luke and Juan shared from the Word of God.  Then we opened it up to sharing about Christmas.  A few tears where shed, as some shared stories of loved ones that had 'gone home' and would not be there for Christmas.  It was a time of sweet fellowship.

We rounded the day off with some dessert.  Ana had made traditional Buñuelos, which were enjoyed by all.  The socializing continued and the goodbyes dragged on and on.  We hit the road for home as the sun was setting.  A lovely day remembering the reason for the season.

We trust you too will enjoy many rich gatherings this holiday season.  We are looking forward to our children arriving in 10 days.  So we are getting the best gift once again.  

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