Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Field Trip

VIVO friends and family
So Sunday was field trip day for our gym family.  Lalo decided a field trip was in order so he got the ball rolling, and kept it rolling.  Sunday morning we met at the outskirts of town and headed out.  We were headed to Cuidad Guzman, about an hour away, for breakfast.  

That statement needs some explanation.  Breakfast, for us (from Canada or the USA), means bacon and eggs, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, etc.  Not in Mexico!  
The buffet
Ernie and Joaquin enjoy the first plate... meaning there was more than one!
The place was small town Mexico (Zapotiltic), where they still cook with 'manteca' or lard.  Everything is very tasty and NOT necessarily healthy, but we all go to the gym, so we should be okay!  Those big pots had beans (made with lard), various meats, like ribs and other pork, calabazita con rajas y maiz, (squash with sliced peppers {not green} and corn).  On the side the older gentleman was frying steaks!  Then on the table they served platters of Chilaquiles (deep fried tortillas with red salsa, cheese and onions), quesadillas with blue corn tortillas {hand made, not machine made}, and sopes {a round tortilla looking thing with melted cheese and beans}.  This came with coffee and fresh orange juice.  It was all, oh so marvellous!  Thus the willingness to drive an hour for breakfast.

From there we took a tour of the town and then headed over to another nearby town called Sayula.  It is a 'pueblo mágico' - magic town.  Here we got a tour of a small artisanal tequila shop.  They showed us the process they used and told us about the different things they made. Then we entered the shop to see the product and to taste.  I bought some wonderful chile jelly.  Very tasty.  I passed on the alcohol.

Then the hosts put on a skit for us about some ghost of Sayula.  It was interesting, if not a little strange.

They also gave us samples of local 'cajeta' which is a caramel like sweet.  It is very tasty.

But the best part of the day was the 'convivencia' - the camaraderie.  We got to know people from the gym, who we would say hi to if we saw them there, but didn't necessarily 'know' them.  We laughed together and had a great day.  Following the skit they had more food - tacos were served.  Then we drove around again - this time in Sayula.  We went along with friends and so we got to enjoy them even on the drive to and from.  It was a great day with friends.  Finally arrived home at 7:30 p.m.  A day well spent.
Great Day - great memories - Great Friends

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