Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

In just 4 more days I will be turning the big 50! I like it better in Spanish, you say you are turning 50 "Sin Cuenta", 'without counting'! If you are following me on FaceBook you know that I have been making these collages, one for each day from, starting 50 days ago.  Some are fun, some are serious, but they are all about the blessings from over 50 years.  God has been faithful and I anticipate His ongoing faithfulness for the next 50!

Ernie and I are throwing a party to celebrate this milestone.  Needless to say I am a little nervous, mostly because I am going against the cultural norms in what I am doing.  Mexicans throw parties for any event, because they love to celebrate.  Most parties involve loud music, dancing, drinking, socialized over the loud music, Mariachi, food, snacks, lots of friends and family.  I have left out some of these components and added some that are more me.  Thus the nervousness.  I was told people would go because I was doing it.  Not sure what to make of that.

 So what have I added or subtracted? Firstly I wanted to make it more about who I am and within a budget.  My party is thematic - physical fitness/sports.  I have invited my two favourite dance teachers from the gym to lead the dancing, cause really I am not a good dancer at all, but I love those clases. So, Manuel will lead Latin Rhythm and Nelson will lead Danzika.  The ladies from the gym are excited about that and are looking forward to it.
Then Ernie will lead some floor hockey, which will be completely foreign to them.  Good thing there will be Dallas and Rick to help with that.

I will not serve alcohol, which some would already consider normal for us.  That said this is very odd for them!  When we hosted the Canadian BBQ people brought their own.  It is what it is.  I will serve Coca Cola and other 'healthy' beverages!!

We have ordered a 'taquisa' (tacos) as I did not want to make the food like I did the for the Canadian party.  That is normal, and something they will enjoy.  It is hired out - so no work for me!  I am making the desserts though.  I have already begun with cupcakes and cakes.  A Truffle is in the works too.  They enjoy my desserts and will only complain, as they load their plates, that because of me they will have to eat lettuce for the next month!

I am also mixing groups, which is not unheard of, but adds to the hosting issues.  Making sure each groups is content and enjoying themselves.  The groups will be the gym folks (the largest group), the cell groups, and my neighbour ladies group.  I love them all as they all bring a richness to my life.

So I would appreciate your prayers as we celebrate with our 'Mexican family'.  That we would be able to enjoy ourselves and bless our guests.  
Thankful for Ernie, who loves this sort of thing - a party with tons of people!  He is already talking about the next one - his 60th in two years!!  I get overwhelmed.  I am waiting for Sunday - my day of rest!  

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