Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Ya gotta luv Mexicans

Celebrating me!

From my previous post, you know I was planning to throw myself a big 50th birthday party.  You also might remember that I was nervous.  Well, as you can tell from the above photo, I had little reason to be nervous and that my party was a success.
My reasons for being nervous were because I was doing something unique to them.  My fear was about how it would be received.  Most parties here are sitting around tables, snacking, drinking and eating.  There might be a Mariachi band brought in to entertain (which I love, but makes visiting almost impossible) and if the music is good, some dancing.  ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS, music is a factor and the louder the better!  And people are usually dressed up, very nicely.

So, I had music, I had snacks, I had food, I had zero alcohol, and I asked people to come casual (gym clothes).  I said it was a sports party, where we would DO stuff.  Now, the drawing card for my gym friends was that I had invited our dance teachers: Manual (he teacher Latin Rhythm) ...
... and Nelson (who teaches Danzika).  Most of the gym ladies do one of these two classes although there were gym guests who do not. 

As you can see from our attire, once I posted a picture of what I was gonna be wearing on our chat group, most came in gym clothes.  And did we/they have fun?

As you can tell from my face - I sure did!  Loved it!  And if you look at their faces, it would appear they did as well.

Latin Rhythm

So that the men would not be bored, they played floor hockey with Ernie, and that too was a huge success.
But, here I am giving details about the event, and what I want to tell you about is why you should just love Mexicans.  Here's the reason, which I will explain: "Mexicans love you!"  The top picture shows how they made me feel.  They circled me and chanted my name.  I was hugged countless times, told how wonderful I was, and just plain loved on.  They had told me that this party was different but afterwards told me that it was the BEST ever.  They showered me with gifts (even when the invitation said that their presence was their gift), and they came and they stayed. Some said they could only make it for a bit and would drop by 'solo para el abrazo' (to greet and hug me).  That would take a Canadian all of 15 minutes?  Nope, those that said that, stayed for a couple of hours!!  My neighbour ladies, along with their husbands, came and stayed till the very end and helped me clean up!  I was hugged and kissed and made to feel like I hung the moon and the stars.  Mexican people (I guess I  can say Latin's in general) are a warm and caring people, relationships come first, time is irrelevant.  

I on occasion do something Canadian and remind myself that this is not a good Canadian thing.  No, I am not denying who I am, for I am proudly Canadian, but I am acknowledging that Mexicans have taught, or are teaching me, about relationships, about caring and about showing others that they matter.  God put me in a good place with some great people. VIVA MEXICO!

Now, here is a post script ... I was telling this to someone at the gym who couldn't make it to the party.  She said, "No Diane, we don't do that with everybody, just you, cause you deserve it. You are .... ..." list of mushy nice things.  Sometimes it is hard to identify if it is because I am a foreigner or if it's genuine but I have always felt it was.  I have also seen them treat each other this way.   

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