Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Life is Busy and Full - Feeling Blessed

Not every day is a picnic but overall life is good.  We are so very blessed to be here.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to love these people, to enjoy rich friendships, to share our faith, to help people grow in theirs, to laugh, to live the abundant life.  God is good.

I want to share with you, our friends, some of the things we have been doing and let you in on things that are upcoming.  I will begin with the past Sunday, Ernie got to do one of his favourite things to do...

What's he doing? He is telling a children's story at our convivio. He just loves telling kids a story, which makes them laugh, but also a story that has a point.  I have heard him tell this particular story often. As you can tell in the picture the kids and the adults were responding.
Overall Sunday was a blessing for all.  We got together with our cells groups at Rick and Ale's house, enjoyed coffee and a snack, sang some worship songs led my Joel and a friend, children's feature and short devotional (message) by Ernie followed by John leading communion.  A rich morning.

As you all know by now we are the 'gym folks'.  Ernie and I go daily, where we mix and meet many friends.  I am not sure which is the bigger blessing, the fitness or the relationships.  I have joined many classes and have made many friends through them.  Saturday they insisted I join them for a Super Dance Class (what makes it super is that all the classes come together and it is a 2 hour class).  Since I am more strong than coordinated I prefer the small classes.  But at their insistence I went.  What a blast we all had together.

We enjoy the gym so much that every body that comes ends up visiting the gym with us.  Some get roped into attending my classes and some just work out.
Allison our wonderful intern
So that is what has happened recently, a little taste of it, and here is what is coming up.  At the end of this month my brothers, along with their wives, arrive for a holiday in Puerto Vallarta and we will join them for a couple of days.  Since I have not seen them for over 2 years I am very excited about catching up with them.  
No sooner do we return from Vallarta and Ken Zacharias arrives for a field visit.  Along with Ken will come Ernie's brother Garry.  Although that visit is short, Ernie is very excited about sharing his life here with his brother.  They are already planing to run in the park and visit the gym.

We get a little break and then the Kleefeld EMC youth are coming for a week.  This will be busy and fun, hosting and getting to know this group.

We get another little break and then Ernie heads to Steinbach to speak at a mission event.  We have decided that I will not be joining him as 10 days after his return we head back, but for furlough.  I am trying to not count the days till that.  Not that I don't enjoy being here, I LOVE IT, but to be within hugging distance of my kids for 3 months! Priceless.  And, we have not seen our families and friends for over 2 years.  We are looking forward to reconnecting and catching up with everybody.

So, life is good.  God is good.  We are blessed and thankful for His hand upon our lives.  We covet your prayers and appreciate that we can connect through social media, email and the many other ways that our ever developing world makes available to us. Blessings to all.

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