Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Love Hate Relationship

I Love Mexico! But I have a love/hate relationship with some things about the culture.  'Time' being one of them.  But it is not because they are always late, that is so very secondary.  The thing that most often makes them late, well, its a good thing.  However, it changes the game!

If a Mexican (using this term because it is where I am living, but I think this might apply to most Latin American people groups) says, "I don't have time" that means he just doesn't have time.  They will try to fit everything into their schedule if it has a relational consequence.  For example, you invite them to an event, and they already have an event or prior commitment, they will not tell you they 'can't', they might says, 'Si claro, si Dios quiere'. {Sure, of course, if God wills it.}  Like the above quote says, to say I don't have time is like saying I don't want to.  They ALWAYS want to, its just humanly impossible to do everything they WANT to do.

Now, take this to a larger scale, since everything is relational and they want to do everything, what does that do to your day?  You are late for many things because the thing that you were doing, involved people, took time (probably more than you thought), and thus you are late to the next thing, which will most likely involve people and relationships and therefore will take longer than planned, etc, etc.  

This makes a 24 hour day loooooong! Nothing is quick here.  If you are going to join a group for breakfast, but don't really have time, you say you are just gonna drop by for a quick coffee - that will turn into a 2 hour coffee.  People - relationships.  If you are gonna run to the neighbours for a cup of sugar, that will probably take at the very least 1/2 an hour if not an hour!  You drop by a friend's place to drop something off, 1/2 an hour minimum.  Life takes time here because the relationships are VERY important.

You are at an event, a breakfast, a party, or wherever there are people - the coming and going takes upwards of 1/2 an hour.  When you arrive, you greet everybody, you do not want to miss anyone so as not to hurt anyone's feelings, even people you may not know.  Then, when you leave, you do that all over again. 

I find I get fewer tasks done here than I desire.  I am a task-oriented person, so this is hard.  But people things, they are done, and with much less rush than what is normal for this Canadian.  I am learning that you greet, smoosh, and all that other relational stuff, then you ask for whatever you want/need.  I am leaning that ...

And, what really matters is people - not how many tasks I accomplished in one day.  It is a lesson I am learning again and again.  I thank my many Mexican friends who are willing to patiently teach me that, again and again.  It is a lesson we in the North could stand to learn. 


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