Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Plans? Improvise!

I am a bit type A.  I like to know what's happening and I like to know when it's happening.  I prefer to know the details and I like things to have some sort of order.  But not to the extreme where I need to be in charge, or that I don't have a spontaneous bone in my body.  So I would say I lean strongly towards Type A, but am not a confirmed, solid Type A.

This trait, good or bad, tends to struggle a little living in Mexico.  A Type B personality would be much more suited.  But one doesn't get to choose which personality type they are.  One can, however, try to adapt or modify it.  For survival this needs to happen while living in Mexico.  Let me give you a few examples of where this plays itself out.

Today was such a day where my Type A battled against the grain, and relaxing into Type B took effort.  We planned our week on the weekend, like good Type A's, we adjusted and shifted things before the week even started.  Monday looked nothing like I had planned, but it was relationship building and good, even of not what I thought I would be doing. And, even the changed plan changed a couple of times!

 Today's day was to be simple: go to the gym, come home, eat breakfast, head off to Zapotlenejo with Allison, come home, down time and then an evening meeting with a friend we are counselling.  The first 4 happened according to plan, number 5 go a brief moment and then came the need to adjust.  Our evening changed completely.  The scheduled event got cancelled and another event took place that had been contrived by the men in the locker room that morning!

So, while my plan was one thing, the actual event was something completely other.  We went to a birthday party where the time was said to be 5, it was after that time when I called to verify the time! People arrived at random times throughout the evening and left just as randomly.

This is something I run into regularly.  Plans spring up quickly and casually.  Times are set and then reset.  What you are supposed to bring can be asked at the last minute.  Dress code is all over the map. Who will be present is also random and whether extras will show up is also unknown.  Nothing is concrete or fixed or written in stone.

I have had to get over it! I have had to adjust, become more flexible, more spontaneous, more relaxed.  I have tried to teach Ernie that time is not crucial, one is NEVER late to anything! We just might need to go by the store to buy something, because I need to bring something, and I didn't have anything in the cupboards.  Better late than not at all.  Like they say "tarde pero sin sueno" (late but not tired).

Like I said in last week's post, what is in your flex and what's in your core?  Time, planning, Type A kind of things were in my core, but do they need to be? For my sanity they had best be able to move to flex.  I get stressed sometimes and need to remind myself that its okay.  To lighten up. Relationships are what are important.  For an impromptu party, like last night, where some 20-30 people showed up, everybody enjoyed a good meal with great socializing.

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