Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Loud Music and Talking

I love listening to Mariachi! Especially a really good one. Yes they do have some that are less than stellar.  But, as you can see from the photo, they come with many instruments, one, or more of which is a trumpet!  It makes for a very loud event.

At many a Mexican birthday party there is a Mariachi, at the very least music is present in some form.  And it is LOUD!  I have never heard a quiet Mariachi, or actually been at a quiet party.

Now, like I said, I love Mariachi and I love Spanish music.  As a matter of fact, one thing about Mariachi, and music here, is that everybody knows the songs!  A good Mariachi has all the classic songs memorized and is at the ready to preform.  They go from table to table and ask the guests what they want to hear.  It is quite amazing.  But not only the Mariachi know all those songs, the guests do as well.  Everybody joins in and sings with them.  I have a few that I like and can now sing a line or two.

But, alas, I digress. My point was that while I like their music, and love to be entertained by a good Mariachi, I find it ever so hard to have to visit on top of the loud music.  Inevitably I have the trumpet right behind me!  However, they could be across the room and it would be loud.  So, there I sit, and try to talk to the person next to me...emphasis on try!  I may be getting hard of hearing in my old age! Hearing aids probably would not help as they would just amplify the music!!

But this is the norm at almost all social gatherings, loud music.  An event can be as simple as a couple of families or some friends getting together for supper, someone would inevitably put music on.  I think they would find an average Canadian event rather quiet which equals not 'alegre'.
As it is said:

Here is a video a friend sent to Ernie so he would miss Mexico while he is gone this next week.  It's a well known song, done beautifully around the world.  Enjoy.

La Bamba:

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