Wednesday, 27 April 2016

O' Canada

The best place is the in air, between countries!  I am Canadian, and my family lives there, so it is therefore, 'Home'?  I live in Mexico, have an 'adoptive' family here, and many, many, many, wonderful friends here, so is this 'home'?  Thus, the airplane is a good place to be; between countries.

We are headed to Canada in about a week's time.  I am living in a state of tension.  You see, I am the kind of person who, when living abroad, makes that place her home.  I commit to relationships, I make friends, and adopt family.  As a friend at the gym said to me this morning, you plant roots.  Yes, and right now, with the thought of leaving, I feel like I am being uprooted.  You see, I love these people.

That said, I have not seen my parents for like two and a half years!  I had the blessing of my kiddos coming twice for a couple of weeks, my brothers and their wives also came of a week, plus Ernie's brother came for a couple of days.  So, returning 'home' has its draw.  To be able to (what word says what I want to say?) 'convivir', which translated means 'live with'.

Ernie has been back to Steinbach twice during these past 2 1/2 years, each time for a week or less.  That is such a short time so you don't really get to 'convivir', but rather just pass through. Going back for 3 months will be a blessings.  To live with our family and friends, to re-establish relationships, to bond.  To hang out with our kids.  It will be a priceless gift.

Each end has its joy and sadness.  The heartfelt goodbyes at this end, the joyful hugs and hello's at that end. Then reversing that, and experiencing those heartfelt goodbye's there, and the reunited hello's here.  Now you know why the airplane feels neutral, and seems like it's the best place to be?  Your heart gets torn repeatedly.  But it is not so terrible that I am not willing to go through it!  It means you love deep and have some wonderful relationships - which I do.

So, we will take this next week to enjoy our 'despedidas' with our friends.  We will laugh and feel our hearts tear just a little.  We will turn our house over to the care of our intern, Jessy, pack up and anticipate the joyous hugs at the other end.

Let me encourage you to love deeply.  Each relationship has with it the possibility of pain. But love deeply.  Each relationship has with it the possibility of great joy, of blessings beyond measure, or memories beyond compare.  So love deeply, my friends.  With technology you can be apart and still be a part of.  Love deeply.

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