Monday, 2 May 2016

Good Bye Guadalajara

Goodbyes are never easy, even when they are more of a 'see you later'.  And they are even harder when you love deeply.  Mexicans have a way of making you feel loved and cared for, of making you feel that you are one of their's.  This is the feeling I had at the various farewell get togethers.

The one pictured on the left was especially so.  This is a group from the gym, the ladies from the dance classes, plus our two favourite teachers.

We got together for breakfast at a terraza and just were enjoying one another; much laughter.  Then it was announced that we would begin.  I was asked to stand up in the front, and each person there gave me a heart, with their name on one side and a note for me on the other, which they pinned on my shirt.  But, before they did that, they each individually said something to me, what they thought of me, their first impression of me, what I meant to them, etc.

Oh, and Mexicans have the gift of sugar and sweetness.  Although one lady did tell me she didn't like me when she first saw/met me.  I burst out laughing, as did everyone else.  She went on to explain why and how that changed.  It was like receiving a huge hug.  They so blessed me.

Then they gave me a gift to take along; a tree of life.  The meaning was that they are all leaves on my tree.  It was a truly wonderful morning.

When I posted the pictures on Facebook I got a few texted from other friends to ask if I was leaving for good, because that farewell party look a little extreme for a 3 month goodbye!!

The neighbours also got together in our terraza and everybody brought snacks to share.  We had a wonderful evening with much laughter.  We are truly blessed with some really great neighbours.  The ladies get together almost monthly, for birthdays, but on occasion we drag our men out and so those friendships are growing too.
Another group from the gym who took me for breakfast to say 'see you later'
We also took the opportunity to say good bye to our friends at the gym.  We have made some wonderful friends at the gym, and all of our Bible Studies have generated directly or indirectly through the gym.  It is considered a family gym and it really truly is - we consider ourselves family.
Mario, Ernie and Mario
So we are off, looking forward to seeing family and friends in Canada, but at the same time torn, as part of our heart will be staying here.  We love Guadalajara, but mostly her people.

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