Wednesday, 11 May 2016

I Forgot...

I have been gone, from my small home town of Steinbach, Manitoba for about 2 1/2 years.  Didn't seem that long, to be honest. But I forgot some simple things...some of which are insignificant, others kinda sorta matter, or make a difference. Like:
Like how nice it is to goes for walks and just enjoy nature.  I think that might be a rural thing.  Guadalajara is a huge city and rarely does a girlfriend call to go for a walk.  Here, well, in one day I took a 5k walk with my sister-in-law and later that same day another 13,000 step walk with my friend on the left.

I loved both! But that brought me to another thing I forgot... weather can change, like three times in one day! My walk in the afternoon was windy, but not cold, and I wore a short sleeve t-shirt.  My walk in the early evening - well look at the picture, sweatshirts but no wind! Then there is the very next day weather:
Rainy and cold! Like what up with that?  A friend of mine, who lives in GDL but is also Canadian, once told me that the weather in GDL was boring - every day the same! Bite your tongue!  I would go for same old same old any day....especially when same old same old is 30 on the plus side!
Needless to say, I just plain forgot about how the weather is not constant but ever changing throughout the day.  I miss my sun and warmth. I don't think I packed enough sweaters. 

Here's another thing I forgot about: 

Open the tap here and the hot water tap brings you HOT water, not tepid, not warm, but HOT.  In GDL we get tepid.  Now I know some of it has to do with the way you set your hot water tank, but I am pretty sure it would not get that hot EVER in GDL.  AND the cold? WOW! Like from a glacier maybe! Cold water from our tap in GDL is cool at best.  I think I could get frozen fingers from the water from the tap here! 

No to mention that you can actually get "agua de la llave" to drink.  (My sons love asking for that in Mexico - tap water).  You NEVER drink the water from the tap in Mexico. 

Then the last thing I will mention, which is something I didn't really forget about, but have been reminded of how annoying it is.  
Taking off your shoes at the door.  The reason I didn't forget is because when people come to visit us in Mexico I tell them to NOT take off their shoes at the door: it is offensive in Mexico.  What I had forgotten is how time consuming and annoying it is. Mostly because I always purchased shoes with this in mind.  Meaning - slip ons!  That whole tying and untying thing - annoying.  But I also understand the why - carpet, nice hard wood vs our ceramic tiles, marble, etc.
I guess I could just look at the exercise factor involved in the whole bending down and lacing and unlacing footwear every day!

I will say that after only one week here, reverse culture shock is harder, mostly because you don't really prepare for it.  You expect 'culture shock' when you go to another country, but you don't expect it when you return to your own country. So, if I do something totally weird - chalk it up to that.  My kids just tell me I'm weird!

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