Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Canada - Summer 2016

     One of the great things about being able to come 'home' for a bit (besides seeing the kids, our parents, siblings, etc.) is being able to reconnect with old friends.
     Today was the annual SBC Golf tournament at the Fly-In Golf Course in Steinbach. Having been on faculty at SBC for 13 years, and having studied there many years ago ('75-'79 B.Th.), I had many reasons for wanting to support the cause of SBC and I was looking forward to seeing many folks I hadn't seen for a while. Here are some pics from the day....
Prof. Dr. Patrick Friesen
One of my past students (Donovan) and a co-worker in Student Dev. (Dalen)

With Pres. Rob, and former student, Kellin Friesen

Youth Pastor Mo and Donovan 

With Terry Penner, hockey line mate in college

With Pastor Barry Plett

the other 3 in my foursome - watching a shot...

former student Nathan Knell teeing it up!

Dalen Kroeker hitting a shot

Peter, Lester, and Carl - enjoying a steak lunch after the game
      Although it had been rainy most days the last few weeks, we had an excellent day, with sunshine and no rain! A great round of golf, with good friends, and fellow SBC supporters, a marvellous steak lunch after the game, and some great conversation and camaraderie! What a great day!

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