Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Me, Myself and I or Not

I am presently reading (several books) and Julia Middleton's book "Cultural Intelligence" has me pondering many things.   I have shared thoughts from her in a previous post so she should not be new to you.  I want to share a quote, or two, that kind of hit me between the eyes.

"If you can keep your own ego under control, you are more likely to become fascinated by other people."

"You have to respect that other people have a life, that their existence is as important as yours. That they have just as much right to be on this earth as you do."

"The breakthrough is when you discover that you are not the centre of the universe.  We see ourselves as the lead character in a film about ourselves. At best, you are a bit part, and it's the bit part, because they are usually full of character.  The main characters tend to get caught in their role."

Life is about people and relationships, I have always said.  But the above quotes remind me that for it to be so I need to watch where I put myself in that unfolding of those relationships.  I need to see EVERYBODY as part of the play, everybody has a role, even the villains.  I need to constantly remind myself that others are important, others' views have equal weight, and to listen.

I have many relationships that I am so thankful for and that have blessed me.  I hope and pray that they feel the same way.  I want to always be fascinated by people, eager to make new acquaintances, and ready to place myself in a role other than leading lady.

Life is made up of many faces.... .... each one has value and each one deserves respect and love.
Ana and I
Me with Ale, Paty and Claudia
Our Thursday Night Bible Study Friends
Jessy and Ernie

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