Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Not to compare...But...

At the Gym with my Mom

I sure do miss my gym at 'home' in GDL!  Aside from the equipment, which is somewhat different, my gym offers many different classes, which I love.  They offer Body Combat, PowerBall, Cycling, Danzika (personal Favourite), Muscle Toning, Split Track (like cross fit), etc.  Here they have 5 treadmills, where my gym probably has a dozen, not to mention the elliptical,  and other cardio machines.  Add to this the personal coaching given, or my wonderful friend, who provides me with my towels, or the nutrition counsellor, etc, etc. 
Those things are great, and I enjoy them, but that is not what I miss most.  I miss the atmosphere at my gym! What do I mean with that? I think the atmosphere is cultural.  Life in Mexico is about people and relationships.  The atmosphere at my gym is one of family and friends. There is a level of connectedness amongst the people who go to my gym.  I think that most of us go, not to get buff or toned, but for the people and relationships.  We know if we go we will connect with a group of people who we call friends.  It will set the tone for the day.

Not to say that I haven't made friends here at this gym...I have met some nice people.  But most everybody is just doing their thing cause they are headed to work.  They are watching the clock. Except my Mom and me...

But that is life in Mexico.  I could probably give this a broader brush stroke, and say this is true of all of Latin America.  I have found that from Mexico down, life is lived around people and relationships.  North of Mexico we run our lives by the clock and hope we have relationships. I have felt this 'atmosphere' here at many things I have attended, or just in day to day living.  I can see why some people here feel alone and lost.

This time here has reminded me to not lose sight of people and relationships.  To put people ahead of the clock.  That I need to put more concentrated effort into my relationships. To care, to love and to say what needs to be said to make those I care about KNOW that they matter.

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