Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Basically when you live in a city of over 4 million, some say 7 (depending on where you draw your lines), you have to drive most everywhere.  So that means getting into your car daily and navigating the craziness.  The sheer amount of cars can be overwhelming.  Let's just say, it is a daily challenge and we thank God that we have not had a fender bender.

So how do rural Manitoba folks handle this? I will say that we didn't start off right. Our method was as follows: Ernie would drive and I was to navigate.  I hate maps! I never know which way to hold them! If that isn't a clue as to how bad an idea that was? We did not have a good map of GDL so my dear husband thought he would just look up where we needed to go and google it, then print the pages we needed.  So now the map lady had several pages to coordinate and figure out.  This made for a tension filled vehicle, surrounded by roaring traffic! Results: raised voices and high tensions.  But we usually got there safe and sound.  I was however in fear of us killing one another.

I declared that there had to be a better way.  Enter Google Maps App.

You can see Ernie's phone resting on the little dash in front of the speedometer? It can sit there because speed is not as important....did I just write that?  Anyway, you enter the address, or the name of where you wish to do, google finds it and a nice lady talks you through getting there.  It also has a visual map you can follow.  Makes things less tension filled and also one usually gets to the right place.  It does require one to use their brain, because at times it can choose or switch the address on you.  But, if people invite us somewhere, and we don't know where it is, we just say, "send me a pin".

This is a feature on WhatsApp (which is how we communicate here), called 'share location'.  It sends you a pin of where you are to whomever needs it.  You can also send a pin of where something is without being there.  But everybody sends pins and we navigate that way.  So, basically now we get from point A to point B without ripping out our hair and without yelling.  Mostly stress free.  Well, not totally, we still have to deal with all the traffic and the crazy things these drivers do.  Like say making a left hand turn from the extreme right hand lane? Or running not a yellow but a solid red light? 

Let's just say life can be exciting just driving somewhere.  Like right now we are heading out to the gym, and 7 a.m. traffic is crazy, as parents are driving their kids to school, probably running a little late. We will have people heading towards us on the two one way streets we take, going the wrong way. The sign is ignored as it is inconvenient to obey it. Someone will run a red, we will weave in and out of traffic trying to avoid stuff.  It's an adventure - daily! Part of adjusting or acculturating! 

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