Wednesday, 31 August 2016

I Do

My son Mike and his lovely wife Jaycia
No this post isn't going to be about our kids, nor about their wedding, but about marriage (found this pic rather than one of my own wedding, which was pre-digital).

When we arrived back in Mexico we began to reconnect with our friends and were sadden to hear about relationships that were broken, marriages that had ended, marriages a risk, etc.  This had led to several conversations about marriages.

Having had my own struggles in this area, I understand how difficult it is.  I appreciate the commitment my husband had/has to our marriage.  I am so thankful that we have always sought to make it work, to work out our differences, to work through our issues. Not every husband does that, or is even willing.

One of the things that I have been pondering is how much our cultural environment affects our view of marriage? In what ways are we being taught about how marriages are supposed to work? Hollywood most certainly has influenced the culture of marriage, what we saw in our own homes, the example of our own parents, and what our faith/church teaches us.

But what is the thing that cements our own worldview on marriage? Someone told me very recently that every girl grows up playing house, dreaming the dream of getting married, and creating a home  (She claimed that this was worldwide).  Now, I don't want to focus on whether that statement is 100% accurate or not, but rather the thought of it.  How much of of this dream happens, how much does it affect us, and how much is basically a fairytale idea?

I don't have an answer to those questions but I do realize, from my recent conversations and my observation of the culture of marriage here, that we view things very differently.  This view is different from a cultural standpoint and even greater from a personal point of view.

But what happens when the dream ends? When this ideal breaks, and your marriage falls apart? Or when it is at the point of crumbling?

Right now I have several friends at various points of this issue.  My hearts hurts for them, it cries for them.  I want to believe that God can redeem all of them, as well as all the relationships.

Our world right now has broken marriages and crumbling families all around.  We need to lift up our voices and pray for healing.  We need to be a people of shalom.  We need to reach out to the hurting.  We need to love our spouses and fight for our families.

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