Wednesday, 10 August 2016

What? Qué? Mande?

Birthday Breakfast with Gym Ladies

While it is nice to be back home amongst my people (insert smile), there are certain things that are just a little hard.

This picture is of my friends, woman I adore.  I see these women most every day at the gym.   They say a picture is worth a thousands words, well this picture most certainly has a the very least a 1000 words!  But what you can't see is the thing that is hard for me.

When you get a group of Mexican ladies together you get LOTS and LOTS of words.  Well, I bet you you could say that about a lot of groups of women, not just about Mexican women.  But what is very specific to Mexican women is that they ALL TALK AT ONCE! And it is not considered rude!

Myself, Lolita, Fabiola, Elena
While in Canada I noticed something which was very different from living in Mexico.  In Canada, when in a group and someone is talking, everybody else is listening.  If someone talks, while someone else is talking (who began first), the other one is looked at as rude or disrespectful.  If you are talking to someone, and someone else jumps in with a thought, you unconsciously quit talking.  One person talks and the other listens.  Now I know this is a generalization as I come from a loud family that often forgets this rule.  But in public, even we mostly follow this.

So here I sit at a table, in a restaurant, with the music playing, and everybody is talking.  I don't know whom to listen to.  I think that if this happened in my own language I might not struggle as much  {both my kids talked to me at the same time and I could listen to both and answer them}.  That said, I would venture to guess and say that I might also miss half of what is said.  Now granted, some of that is due to the loudness of the environment, some due to the long table with a dozen women, but mostly because they are often all talking or a good half of them. I am trying to decide who I should listen to and which conversation to listen to.  Welcome to my crazy Mexican life.
Forefront: Hilda behind her is Ale,  Background, Lolita, Elena, Carmen and Esme (right to left)
If a Mexican is involved, its loud! It involves music! Everybody is talking, and there is a sense of a party going on. And they think every thing that happens is a reason to party, to celebrate, to 'convivir'.   Life is rich here and I am only catching half of it!

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