Wednesday, 7 September 2016


We have been back in GDL for a month now.  The above picture is from the night we arrived.  This lovely family picked us up from the bus depot and we headed out for tacos.  A lovely reunion.  Catching up on their lives and reconnecting.

Well this past month has held a lot of those reconnecting times.  Catching up on what people have been up to, hearing and sharing stories.

We also have reconnected with the gym! We had both gained weight, and let our muscles relax (this even having gone to the gym (Diane) with my mother for the whole 3 months).  It is amazing how jealous one's body is - don't feed it, and it screams: "Feed Me!"  Don't give it the regular amount of exercise and it lashes out at you! I found some muscles I didn't use during those 3 months and I am paying for it.  Won't even mention Ernie, who sat in a truck for 2 months!

At our favourite Taco restaurant with Jessy Friesen. Like our sons Mike & Chris like to say: "Mexicans KNOW how to eat!"  Yum Yum!

Like I always tell our friends at the gym, "I'm not here to lose weight, as much as I am to get exercise so that I can eat!" We do so much around food, I can only imagine what size I would be if I didn't go to the gym.
Breakfast with the ladies from the gym
Breakfast with Tere and Fabiola
Birthday breakfast with gym ladies
Notice a certain theme? Breakfast with .... .... Breakfast with.... ...
Birthday Celebration for our favourite gym instructor
I won't even tell you about the lunches or suppers! We do a lot of socializing around food.  We are so very blessed to have such good friends, that, thanks to the gym, we get to see daily.  

So, we have settled in and are re-adjusted.  We are finding life to be 'normal' again.  God brought us to a wonderful place where he surrounded us with wonderful people.  It has been taking us longer and longer to get out of the gym each day due to some rich conversations. Life is good. God is good.

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