Wednesday, 12 October 2016


So what do you think Ernie is doing in this picture?  Any idea what MAPFRE is? Well, it's not a good, or enjoyable, time.

MAPFRE is our insurance - like Autopac.  So you know where I am headed? Yep, we had our first accident here in Mexico.

On the positive side, no one was injured.  Damages were minimal, for all three vehicles involved.  Everybody involved had insurance.  That's like a hat trick of miracles right there!

I have been involved in accidents in Manitoba and would say that I kind of take some things for granted.  Mostly, that everybody in insured - no the case here by far.  That Autopac takes care of things, quickly and simply.  Trust me, they really do, by comparison.  That if the police are involved it is beneficial.  Also not necessarily the case here.  Well, let's just say that one doesn't have to worry about who has paid off whom, or how things will get painted completely differently than they occurred.  But mostly, I take for granted the time frame in which things can get handled.
The only damage to our car
We were fortunate today in that the whole event took just over an hour!  No small miracle (both of our co-workers here were involved in incidents when we were along, taking hours to settle things - I mean hours!).  But, how we viewed the thing, and how it ended, were complete opposites.  Factor in he said/she said?  Well, let's just say, as a foreigner, you will not be on the winning end of things.

This is the damage to the vehicle that hit us - a truck.  She hit us on one side and then hit a parked truck on the other side. Minor damage to both sides.  That the truck she hit was parked illegally seemed irrelevant!

So, a small little fender bender ended up involving the 3 vehicles that were hit, and the three vehicles that arrived with the insurance people - one per vehicle involved.  

This was an inconvenience to our day, BUT, no one was hurt, it would have been nice to avoid, but it could have ended much worse. Considering driving patterns in a mega city like this one, I guess we're pretty thankful that we were almost 3 yrs accident free. Now let's see how long it will take for the repair shop to fix the vehicle.... :-) 


  1. Sorry to hear you had an accident, but glad that things are working out. Accidents can be frustrating at the best of times. Praying that even this situation will give you opportunities to display your faith in Christ.

    1. Thanks Mo. I am proud to say that Ernie was his normal calm and cool self, friendly to all involved. Although unhappy with their conclusions. Glad the repairs are minor and no one was hurt.