Wednesday, 5 October 2016


 What do you notice in these collages? Anything? Because there is something about them I want you to notice.

Now, obviously I chose specific photos to make my point.  Guess anyone?

In every photo there are multiple people, no one is alone.  There are no 'selfish' which are so common today.

So what is my point? We are made and designed for community.  We were not made to be alone.  As a matter of fact God said, "It is not good for man to be alone." Genesis 1:18

We, in the Western world, seem to have made an idol out of  "I" and it is to our detriment.  I see
posts on Facebook of people crying out for friendship.  I hear loneliness in the written words.  We long for relationships that are deep and intimate.  We are searching for connection.  Yet we can't seem to let go of the 'me-ism' of our culture.

Facebook has granted us the feeling of community by allowing us to 'friend' people whom we would never talk to in person, or complete strangers.  It grants us the sense of belonging.

We so long for interaction that we post anything, in hopes of getting 'likes' and comments, to make us feel a part of something.

Yet what we really desire is real people with real interaction.  This deep longing will never go away, because we were designed by a God who wove into each and everyone of us an intrinsic need for community.  He longs for that with us as well.

"We can only fully know one another in the context of relational community. No one person can draw out the entire personality of another. In a circle of friends, each persons shines a unique light onto the personality of another. It's not possible to thrive as a freestanding, isolated entity. And when we live isolated lives, not allowing others to rub against our insecurities, fears, and sins, we rob others of the opportunity to get to know us."

Oh that we would be free to be known and get to know others like that! For, it is for relationship that we were made. Remember what Jesus told the people were the greatest two commandments?

I love that Mexicans are a people of community. They love to get together for any and every occasion.  They value family and friends, and those who don't have their own are always invited in. My albums are full of group pictures, with only rare pictures of individuals.  If I want to snap a picture of someone, someone else will jump into the shot!

My suggestion is to close your computer, mute your phone, cross the street, and greet someone.  People are all around you.  Lonely people. Let's thrive. Let's not be islands.

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