Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Monthly Highlights

Our first highlight of the month was the arrival of the prayer team (pictured above).  They came to pray for Mexico, although some of our friends here thought that maybe, given the situation in the USA, they maybe should have headed there.  They also came to pray for us and our friends.  We were blessed to share our friends with them as they joined us in our activities.  Our Mexican hosts are such wonderful people, who open their arms, to love those we love.

I personally had the best crew in my house, although my co-workers might say the same thing.  We hosted, Don & Minna Thiessen, Marcella Barkman and Levina Friesen.  We shared many deep conversations and much laughter.  They were water to a thirsty soul.  We were blessed to have them.

While the prayer team was here we hosted a 'Convivio' (a gathering of all our people).  We began with snacks and mingling.  Then we had a bit of a church service, singing, testimony, a message, a graduation of our SEAN students, and some words from Jesse (our intern) as he is leaving on Friday. And then, to make a good event better, we enjoyed a meal together.  This was followed by a couple of rousing games of floor hockey ( a group favourite).  

What makes this event a highlight is that members from all of our three groups were present.  To watch them interact was great!  Lalo was frying up the steaks & quesadillas, Sergio was frying the chorizo (Mexican sausage) and Oswaldo was cooking up the disco ( a traditional meal of Chihuahua - where he is from).  Those of us cooking had a blast together.  Watching my friends become friends with each other was a huge highlight.

Then, after we said good bye to the prayer team, we took 2 days to organize ourselves and headed to the ocean for staff retreat.  We had a light schedule, for some much needed R & R, and enjoyed some good challenges from Darren Plett (our speaker).

So now we try to get back to routine.  We are glad we have the daily challenge of the gym, as it gives us schedule/routine.  We had a wonderful Bible Study last night with Oswaldo, his family, and Alfonzo, with some of his family.  We could have gone into the wee hours, as interest was high, and questions were ongoing.  I love how they ask things I have never thought of.  It is exciting studying with people who are eager to learn.  Tonight we meet with out other group and look forward to good conversations as well.

Then, December is right around the corner...

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