Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Chihuahua Connection

Ernie making supper
I amaze myself sometimes! I say things that I believe in my head, but am later amazed when it actually happens to me!  

I once talked about the confusion created by the question "Where are you from?"  I then stated that it was about more than where you were born, geography and such.  Well, my post was something I sort of thought to be true, but didn't over think at the time.

We have been living in Guadalajara for almost 3 years - three wonderful years, I might add.  There are many things I love about GDL, things that will forever be a part of me.  

My Canadian-ness is something I assume and take for granted.  I don't ponder much about how much my time in Nicaragua and Chihuahua have impacted me. and have become a part of who I am.  The connectedness I feel to these places surprises me time and again.

We have a group that meets every Tuesday evening for Bible Study.  We were introduced through a friend at the gym.  Our connecting factor was that they are originally from Chihuahua, and we lived there for 5 years.  We met, connected and the rest is history, as they say.  
Osvaldo, Alfonzo and Ernie
This group has recently begun to get together outside of our study nights.  They came to our place for an evening, supper and friendship building.  The Chihuahua factor played into it once again.  It was decided that we would get together for a "Discada" - the meal pictured above.  This is a Mexican meal, but only served in the North.  We visited Chihuahua recently for a wedding. While in CuauhtĂ©moc we saw some discos, and purchased one.  

Our friends had 'chorizo' from Chihuahua and so the meal was perfect, with the flavour of the North! 

It has been a privilege to build friendships with this group of people.  We occasionally talk about Chihuahua, but mostly our focus is on scripture, growing spiritually, and applying what we learn to everyday life. 

We have made a lot of connections with people here in Guadalajara through the gym.  We build our relationship through that connecting point. We have also met people, through the gym, or through a mutual friend, where our connecting point was Nicaragua or Chihuahua.  Each life experience, each relationship, each view held, each conviction, etc, has the potential of bringing a connection.  That said, it can also bring division. Many of our friends here are Catholic, while we are Evangelicals. One has to allow the differences to connect, or divide. 

We choose to connect on as many points as we can.  How about you?

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