Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Run Forest Run!

Ready- Set - Go 

Ernie and I would not say we are athletes by any stretch of our imaginations, however, we do enjoy participating in gym events.

This past Sunday morning, we got up early - 6:30 a.m. (my normal weekly time) to head out for a race.

We had tried to get our Bible Study people to join us, and even got several yes's, some even paid to join.  But, alas, they all bailed out on us.  We did meet several friends from the gym. The race had almost 1000 participants, walking, running, or pushing wheelchairs.  It was exciting to join in this event.

You see, for us, the gym is about people and friendship.  We just happen to enjoy working out but really we went to meet people.  This gym is a family - we are friends who meet daily to work out together.  We spend equal parts working out as hanging out in the lockers, visiting.

I also attend classes and have formed friendships through going to the same classes and meeting those same people each morning.  There is some ebb and flow, some leave because they are tired of a class or some even leave the gym because life becomes too busy for it.  But new people replace them, allowing for new friendships to form.

Me with Hilda, Ernie and Hilda's husband Flavio
Several friends from the gym (Jorge beside Ernie, Eduardo and Francisco in back, both with hands up)
Me with my cycling coach and Lorraine (classmate)
Ernie and I with 2 coaches from the gym
I say anyone can run a 5K!  Maybe not but I was not doing any real regular exercise before I came to Mexico.  Now 5K is not a challenge (although 2.5 K uphill was not a picnic for me) anymore.  We are looking at trying for a 10K.  Our co-workers are more amazing yet: John has run several 10K and a half marathon, Dallas also has done 10K's and is thinking of a half marathon.  

But for us, and for many of our friends at the gym, the gym is about friendship.  Because life in the end is about people.  I would not be running if it wasn't for running with others and the bonding that happens during it.  

Hockey was like that while in Canada.  I would have frozen my backside off just to watch my sons play, but hockey was about family to me.  Our boys played with the same guys year after year, they were our winter family.  

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