Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Red tape is so much fun! NOT! Every country has its rules, its way of doing things, and its bureaucracy.  

Recently you may have heard that our Prime Minister has removed the need for a visa for Mexican's to enter Canada as tourists.  Everyone here is excited about that, as for them it translates into "they like us", whereas the USA does not.

When I mention that we need to get visas to live here, the paperwork involved, and the cost, they are shocked.  They were unaware of what was all is involved.  They are amazed that their government charges us so much to live here.

I tell them, no worries, just to be aware that every country has their way of doing things and there is no picnic either!

So, recently we again embarked on the journey of renewing our paperwork.  The last time they gave us 2 whole years, so we had had a year off!

You are only allowed to initiate the renewal process within 30 days of expiry of your present visa.  It is not overly complicated if you go in with the attitude that thing may be completely different from the previous year.  Then its at matter of getting everything together, making copies of everything, and heading going to the Immigration office.
Just a few people waiting to be attended
Today we had everything together and headed in.  Armed with the previous days instructions, we were ready.  Well, things were a little different, but doable.  However, the documents that Ernie had filled out at home, had one little blank empty. Meaning? There is a computer in the corner, get in line and redo it!  UGH! Oh well, such is life.

That done, we were instructed to go to a nearby bank and pay the bill.  However, that bank was unable to do what we needed done due to the construction outside!  The closest bank was some 8 blocks away! Off we went on a brisk walk.  Finally we took a taxi (from the first bank to another bank - because the 1st one was full to the doors!) as downtown was crazy.

To make a long story short....we got home some 5 hours later! Within 20 days we should be ready for the next step: finger prints, pictures, etc.... and then, finally, after another wait, we should be 'legal' again!

Life is anything but simple in Mexico.... ...

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