Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A Blessed Gift

My Family
You if you have been falling this blog, you read my husband's post last week.  Which also means that you know that he sent me to Canada to see our kids for my birthday.  You would also have read his emotional reasoning behind it.

I don't want to give a response to that, other than to say it was the most wonderful gift he has ever given me (cold weather notwithstanding)!

The first highlight was that this was planned as a surprise visit - not for me, but for my family.  No one knew I was coming.  It was so wonderful to just show up at their doors and see their response.

Just seeing the look on my Mom's face was worth a million dollars! And, of course, my daughter-in-law is always worth a reaction :) SO much fun. My sons were much more tranquil and calm.
It was not a relaxing trip in that I did not get much R & R, but it was enjoyable.  With our boys on snow removal duty, schedules were crazy, sleeping at weird hours, and working even weirder hours.  But they gave me all the time they could, depriving themselves of sleep.  We played cards late into the night, enjoyed meals together, watched hockey together, and I even got to see Chris play hockey.  Such fun.

I also got to see many friends, Ernie's family, and our church family.  Many coffee's, breakfasts, and visits.  Such a blessing.

Another aspect of the trip was showing my friends in GDL what winter in Canada was like.  Daily Facebook posts of activities, of the weather, and of life in the great white North.  They could not believe I could survive it.  I did confess that 3 years in GDL had turned me into a wimp, but I tried! No frost bite even after tubing behind a sled!

I t was a great trip! I loved every minute I got with our kiddos.  I loved being silly together, playing together, talking about some deep issues, and just being together.

Ernie continued on in GDL and felt what is was like for me all those years of Mission- X trips, where he was gone for 3 weeks, and I stayed home.  He said the time moved slowly.  That said, he was still glad he could bless me with this gift.  Just seeing my face, upon seeing our boys - priceless.

Now we are back in Mexico, together, at the beach.  Friends have a house in Sayulita where we are resting before we jump back into things.  We are both under the weather, Ernie with allergies and me with a cold (shock).  So, 3 short days of R & R at the beach should do the trick.

Life is good.  God is Great! I can not say thank you enough for the blessings he bestows upon me.  Health, strength, family, friends and His faithfulness day after day.  Looking forward to seeing my GDL friends, chatting about my trip, and reconnecting.

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