Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Your 'ministry' partner...

        My wife Diane turned 51 on Monday. Although this post might seem to have little to do with ministry, it actually is a pretty important part of it. First, let me clarify that Diane is not celebrating 62 yrs of age! Those just happened to be 2 of the candles we had. Not sure why she didn't put '26' instead of '62'; was it compassion for me (I'm 9 yrs her senior), or an attempt to avoid being presumptuous? 
       Anyway, my birthday gift to Diane was a surprise (not to her, but to everyone else) trip home, on the day of her birthday, to celebrate with our kids and parents. 
Diane with Jaycia (daughter-in-law) and Les (brother)
Diane with Mike (son), father and Lisa (sister-in-law) in background
Diane with Chris
Diane, enjoying her first day in the snow!
        Last year, on her 50th, we threw a big party, with guests from the fitness gym, cell groups, and our neighbours. It was a very special day that Diane enjoyed very much!
Diane, in orange, doing Danzika with gym friends

     Now, here's my point. my wife is a HUGE part of our ministry. The way I'm wired it always seems to be ministry first; relaxation and down time, or holidays, are secondary, and preferably worked into ministry some how. When I see how happy Diane has been on her last 2 birthdays, how much she appreciates the importance I've given to it, I realize, to my shame, that I've often failed to celebrate or make it important, the way that she would want. So, if you are like me (somewhat ministry driven), why not make an extra effort to acknowledge and show appreciation for your 'ministry partner' (birthdays are a good start, but don't stop there). Make their day! ...Like giving them a trip to see your kids on their birthday! I'm reminded again of how fleeting life can be, and in the midst of focusing on ministry, and others, don't forget that important 'ministry partner' at your side! Make her feel like she hung the moon and the stars...I think you'll be glad you did!
     A quick side note. Diane used to say to me, as I was buried in work, "don't forget your kids, they're the only thing you can take to heaven with you!" I'm guessing your spouse fits into that same camp.....

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