Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Gerald and Ernie
 This past month we have had the pleasure of having life long friends come for a visit.  It is always a joy to have visitors who want to experience everything, and are willing to try new things.

Having lived in various places, I am always amazed at how fast life abroad becomes 'normal' to me.  Eating new things, enjoying a new climate, understanding a foreign language, doing things differently.  One's 'normal' changes quite quickly.  What was once my normal is no longer.

Lori and I
I am surprised at things that I have adapted to, and changed about myself, and about how things are done.  I don't even realize how easily I have changed.  I don't notice the changes till I interact with people from home.  Or when people from home make comments about things they observe.

Bob and Debbie with Ernie and I
I so enjoy  have friends come here to see my life in GDL because trying to share these things with people is hard.  It is so much more meaningful to experience it than to hear about it.  It brings so much more depth to the sharing.  Having my Canadian friends meet my Mexican friends is priceless.

When I think of all the people and groups that have come to visit us over the years in Nicaragua, Northern Mexico and GDL, we have good memories together.  They have a clearer understanding of my life in those places.  My folks still talk about visiting me in Nicaragua during Michael's birth.  I could never have explained that hospital experience to them - they lived it!

Makes me want to visit all my friends and relatives that live abroad so that I can share in their lives, understand their world.  I have alway wanted to go to Australia where I have an Uncle and Aunt with their families.  My imaginings of life 'down under' would totally change.  I would have loved to visit Ernie's sister and brother-in-law in Germany.  And the list goes on and on.

I actually have a deep inside of me dream of visiting Israel to see where my Saviour lived.  Oh how that would open my eyes to His life! I see pictures from friends who have gone, I hear stories from those same people, but oh to go and experience it for myself.

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