Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Yum, Yum!

When I think of the things people eat around the world, I am so glad I live in Mexico! Because, as my sons love to say: "Mexican's KNOW how to eat!"  Mexican food is full of flavour and very diverse, with each state having their own specialty.

While many people might think of Taco Bell, when they think Mexican, or rice and beans, neither is a good description.  I will say, having lived in Northern Mexico, I would have said Mexico was all about the burritos!

 Well, here in Jalisco, they don't eat burritos, they are all about tacos!

2 Beef steak tacos and 2 'Al Pastor" (pork)
Recently we have had guests from Canada come to visit and they have both mentioned how good the food had been.  I always laugh and say that we suffer through it daily! When in reality I go to the gym so that I can enjoy it daily!!!

Here are some favourites: Girochos - gourmet tacos
Taco with the 'tortilla' being fried cheese! (this restaurant makes their tacos on gourmet tacos-
meaning: fried cheese, jicama, lettuce, cactus, corn, flour) plus 14 salsas!
Tamale - corn meal and ....well the combos are endless: chili, meat, veggies, fruit, etc.
A dish typical to Jalisco: Carne en su Jugo (meat in its juice)
My favourite breakfast: flautas (corn tortillas filled with chicken and deep fried), covered in salad and sour cream!
Enchiladas with salad
Chilaquiles: deep fried tortillas fried with red and/or green salsa, covered in cheese and sour cream, onions.
salsa de molcajete - a salsa made in the pictured stone bowl 
on the left in fried cheese drowned in salsa 
My favourite dessert: Flan (like custard)
So, as you can see, I LOVE our food options here! As do our guests from Canada! They have such a wonderful variety of food here.  And, as so much socializing is done around food, well, it would be just rude not to try! Once again a great reason to hit the gym and exercise with the hopes of at the very least not gaining weight! 

Como on down! There is a Taco stand open till 3 a.m.! And the people are just as wonderful! The climate is amazing! Only complaint I would have is that things often start at 8 p.m. and go to all hours! I am just too old for that kind of schedule.  However, I hit the hay often at midnight or much later! 


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