Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Music and Dance

Dance, Bailar, Dance! Oh to be able to dance like my Mexican friends, or even better, my Columbian friends. Dance is just part of Latin culture.  Each state in Mexico has its own traditional dance, with accompanying wardrobe.  I know, because I was invited to watch 3 hours of it.  WOW! Espectacular!

If I struggle through a night of Karaoke, a party with dance is just as bad! Maybe the difference is that I KNOW I can't sing well! I can carry a tune, as long as no one, who can not, is NO WHERE near me! Or, I will follow them off tune. However, no one is asking me to be a part of their singing group!

Now Dancing? Another story.  I somehow think I should be able to learn (two left feet notwithstanding)!

Its like the meme at the right:

"Sometimes I wish I could dance 'La Bamba', but then I remember that I don't have 'una poca de gracia' (a bit of grace) and something else, and I forget about it"

I always tell my friends here that I don't have one single drop of latin blood, therefore I can not dance like them (If only a simple transfusion would work).

I have actually told a few people that the movie "Footloose" could have been filmed in my hometown. That I grew up with the belief that dancing was a sin (and many would still say it is).  I am not here to debate that concept...

So, while part of my brain is telling me it is bad, the other part of me wants to learn.

I do better with my class called Danzika, because it is dance moves mixed with the concept of aerobics.  The movements are front, left, right.  Repeating themselves (I can hear my teacher saying, ChaCha, Tango, Mambo, etc.).  I love it, but my teacher, ever patient, would say that what I lack in talent I make up for in enthusiasm. Not to mention tenacity!

I have attended Latin Rhythm there one sees my lack of talent.  But they love how I try and how I can laugh at myself. They are so disappointed when I don't get up at a party to dance with them. The ladies often just dance in a group. So I can hide :(

This is something that is just part of life and culture here. One can't avoid it. Most parties have dancing, there are dance studios everywhere, they have several dance classes at the gym. So, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, I say.  Maybe one day Ernie and I will take private lessons (so as to not embarrass ourselves publicly)...


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