Wednesday, 26 April 2017


I am a-political while living abroad.  That is usually a requirement when living in another country.  For no matter where I live I am loyal to my country.

In theory that is how Canadian's are, loyal to their country.  We are mostly proud to be Canadian.

I would also say that overall Canada is held in high regard by other countries. It always sits on the list of the top 10 countries to live in - for various reasons.

So here I am, living in Mexico, with a political climate that begs for comment.  My Facebook wall is full of such comments.  My WhatsApp is also inundated with the same.

I would say that Mexicans voice their opinions of their President quite forcefully.  I would say they complain fairly loudly.

Recently we returned to Nicaragua for a visit.  A country Ernie has a deep love for, after living there for 7 years.  While living there, he too held to an a-political position. However, the situation is vastly different now than it was in the 80's.  But, since the President affects the lives of the people, they too had opinions.  I would say that I found them to be less critical, more resigned to the fact... ....

Lately, all social media has been full of political commentary, and it seems to continue to dominate discussion.  Trump comments and opinions are strong.  And, since what happens in the USA affects the rest of the world, everybody has an opinion.

Once again I am a-political.  It is a stance that is at times hard to maintain, when social media and regular news medial is full of political talk.  In a single day you can hear dissatisfaction with Trudeau, Trump, and Peña Nieto - it is hard to be silent.

Overall, people are unhappy with our world leaders.  People are upset about decisions being made that affect their lives.  Usually there are people on both sides of the issues.

This is not a political post (my personal opinions notwithstanding) it is a post meant to help us reflect more on our response to politics than an appraisal of politics itself. When we hear people trashing the political leaders, angry with them for whatever they did or did not do, I am reminded that change generally happens at the bottom, often starting at the grass roots.

We want our leaders to live up to a high standard, to live above reproach.  And they should.  But at the same time, we want the freedom to live freely for ourselves.  We do not want to be judged for our actions or inactions.  We do not want to be held under scrutiny or held accountable.

So, while our world leaders are making decisions, good or bad, I need to look at myself and how I live.  I must live the change I seek. Do I live with integrity? Am I an example of honesty, trustworthiness? Am I willing to be accountable, just as I want those who govern to be accountable?

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