Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Pictures from Nicaragua

So tomorrow will be the normal post, where I will highlight our time in Nicaragua.  Today are just some random pictures.  

Found on the wall at Pastor Chico Cano's house
talk about a blast from the past!!
Diet Change: Ernie's favourite - gallo pinto with fried plantain and mine, fried cheese

Dorris Friesen: Widow to Fred Friesen, together they began the work in Nicaragua 

Lizet a young lady from the Morazon Church

Green Team: Ernie with Oscar an old friend from the Granada church

Small number of people that attended the Celebration of 50 years 

Ernie got to share a highlight

Listening on with old friends

My feet were swollen the entire time I was there!

See motorbike, see Ernie trying to hitch a ride!

Game On! Ernie enjoying some intense games of ping pong with an old friend and his sons

At the Boardwalk in Managua

Loving the 'tajada' which is green plantain deep fried!

Over all it was a great visit down memory lane.  God is good.


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