Wednesday, 31 May 2017

5K Run

Sunday morning was a beautiful morning to run. (Ernie is not a bad photographer and God is an even better artist!)

 Guadalajara has different runs almost every weekend.  This particular Sunday morning the run was all women! Bonafont (a bottled water company) puts it on every year.  Ale and I have run it before. She texted and asked who wanted to run.

Wanting to, and managing to sign up, are two very different things. This run is held in 5 major cities in Mexico, on the same day. They use the same web sight for all those cities.  Two years ago there were approximately 16,000 women!

Myself and Alejandra 

Well, Ale and I managed to register, after trying almost all day.
As for the medals...everyone gets one...we did not win!  Although I must admit it looks like we did, and I did get asked if I won.  I am not a 'real' runner; no marathons, 1/2 marathons, or the like.  But running 5k I can do.

The best part of a run... is the after run event....

 BREAKFAST! Nothing like running 5K and then eating the calories you might have burned!

But time with Rick and Ale and their girls is always a blessing. I think it took less time to run than our time in the restaurant. We talked life, church, faith, work, etc. We get encouraged, challenged and blessed every time we get together with them.

 I got to enjoy their daughters, Alegra and Sofie as well.

Alegra was taking pictures and using an app to alter them.  Well, I was intrigued and she was more than happy to show me how to do it!

We laughed and laughed, as we made ourselves different colours and shapes. We made memories together.

So, do I run because I love to run...nope!  I have done one run fun! I have run with Ernie and I have run with different groups of friends. We have run for a cause (Breast Cancer), we have run for pure fun (ColorMeRad), and we have run to join a group of friends.

No matter which it is, together with others is always the best. Because life is about people and relationships. And God has blessed us with some really great ones.

By the way, Paul also compares the spiritual life to a race, and he encourages us to 'run with perseverance', without being distracted, sidelined, or quitting. Obviously it's more than a 5K! And obviously the spiritual 'race' is more important than a physical race. I'm glad to be able to participate in both, and recognize that the importance of our 'spiritual race' far exceeds any other focus we can have. So, let's keep at it! As they say in Mexico, "Ánimo!" 

Alegra and I

P.S.  I would ask for prayer as I am suffering with heel spurs.  I have a pronounced on in the left foot and another run the other foot which at present does not hurt.  I am getting therapy and praying is heals fast.  My Father in law says he suffered for many years.  I pray that is not the case for me. 

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