Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Conundrum

What is "normal"?  This is a conundrum for me. What's a conundrum? It is a confusing and difficult problem or question.

So what is it that I wonder if it is normal? Well, its two fold.  Firstly I ask if the way I do things is normal meaning "Am I normal? Or am I the abnormal one?"

This is the situation that has me asking this question: meals and husband/family.

Ernie has always been able to fend for himself.  He makes his own breakfast and, if I am not around, basically feeds himself.  Our sons can also do that, and did it often while living with us, and continue to be able to.

I never much thought about that while living in Canada because I never heard other women worrying about heading home because they had to feed their family/husband.  Or arriving late because they had to feed their husbands before they came to the ladies breakfast.

So I am wondering if this is a Mexican thing, or just an overall woman thing, that I just never got the memo for?

Here many of my friends, so as not to say all, feed their husbands/families before they go out for breakfast with their friends.  Then they have to head home in time to get lunch ready for them.

They ask me if I do that.  Nope! I say no, Ernie makes his own breakfast and since I will not want lunch cause I ate a big breakfast, he will either fend for himself or eat later, when I do.  When I tell them that I never feel pressure to have a big meal on the table they are shocked.

I have always thought that this 'attending' to your family, especially and specifically one's husband, was Mexican.  Many tell me that their husband doesn't cook - ANYTHING! Some don't even bbq! I am quite frankly shocked.  All three of my guys can cook, as can my brothers, my dad not so much, but he can definitely fend for himself.

Don't get me wrong, Ernie loves to sit down to a meal, simple or fancy, but would never make me feel like it was expected.  He doesn't like to cook or prepare a meal.  He like to make a Disco or to BBQ but not much else.  But I would never have to have things ready for him if I went away for a week.

I happen to like that, as I don't particularly like to cook.  I am no Martha Stewart. But I can feed people - my family and guests.  So I guess I am not overly worried if I am 'normal' or not...but I do wonder.
Ernie making Disco with Oswaldo and Alfonzo

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