Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Día del Niño

April 30th is  Día del Niño in Mexico.  It is a celebration that is supposedly honoured worldwide.  It began on November 20, 1959 as a way to reaffirm the rights of children around the globe. However, every country has chosen its own day, and Mexico has chosen April 30th.  With the idea being to look after the health and well being of children, to celebrate them.

Ernie and I have been helping out at a day care for children of parents with less financial means.  We try to help out once a month by serving them breakfast and then helping out with their play time.  There are about 25 children of pre school age.

The morning consisted of playing with the children, piñatas, snacks, and each child receiving a toy.  For this event the regular children could invite their siblings or friends.

Some needed some help to hit the piñata and some not so much.  But they all enjoy the gathering of candy after someone breaks it!

We started going to this day care with a friend from the gym.  We then invited a friend, also from the gym, to join us.  She came with her daughter and came on board with her expertise to help out.  Everyone can add a helping hand.

Ernie, Aranza, her mother Hilda, and myself

Hilda is an arquitect and so she could see many ways that she could help out.  This morning she informed me that she sent her workers to take down a little piece of wall that was causing the kids to trip.  Praise the Lord.  With many hands, many varying gifts, the job is made easier.  

The lady pictured on the right is the heart and soul of this work. She has a handicapped daughter that needs constant care.  So she decided to work with the kids from the neighbourhood, helping the parents who needed to work.  She has a contagious love for the kids.  Her mother helps, her husband at times and the occasional volunteer.

We always want to help out, wherever we can.  But we want to bring others along with us.  Elena invited us, we invited Hilda, and who knows who else will come alongside.  Our Tuesday cell group donated product to feed the kids and maintain the place.

We all have something we can give.  Some give time, some give of their financial resources, some give a helping hand.  The world works best when we all give a hand to another.  One day we might be the one who needs a hand.
And, like Hilda said, "you can't help but fall in love with the kids".  It is not a chore to help out.  I don't particularly enjoy working with kids (I prefer teens) but like Hilda says, a little kid that just seeks to be loved, who can deny that?  So we  reach out and love.  It is in us to give and it only multiplies.

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