Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Happy Mother's Day - Feliz Dia de Madres

My Mother
 Today is Mother's Day, well actually it is 'Día de las Madres' in Mexico.  But, since I live in Mexico, I want to wish all of you Mothers a very special day, today and on Sunday, when you celebrate.

I love my Mom. I think she is wonderful.  I think I have the best Mom in the world.  I feel blessed to have the mother I have.  She has been my supporter and my friend. She has been there for me throughout my life. And I pray God grants me many more years together with her.

Ernie's Mother
Ernie loves his mother as well, and probably thinks he has the world's best mom.  Doesn't everybody? (unfortunately I know there are exceptions)

Moms are great.  Being one is also pretty awesome. Not always, of course.  The 'sleepless nights stage' was not so great! Actually, each stage had its joys and its challenges.  But I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Chris, myself and Mike

God blessed me with two wonderful sons.  I  received the blessing of being a mother, for which I am exceedingly grateful. They have brought me much joy and laughter.  I miss them daily, as we live miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, apart at present.

However, Mother's Day sometimes tends to be almost like idolatry. Why? We tend to put mothers on a pedestal, as if they are prefect.  Sermons on Mother's Day tend to paint a picture of mothers as saints. I do not want my sons to place me on any such pedestal.  I don't want to have to be thought of as perfect, nor do I want to have to appear so.  I know that I was/am not a perfect Mother.  I have made mistakes and I have failed.  But I did/do the best I could.

Here, in Mexico, Mother's Day is even more over the top.  This is a national holiday, the 10th of May.  Kids get off school, many employers give their employees a half day off, so they can be with their mothers.  Flower sales are even higher than on Valentine's Day.  Don't think of planning anything on this day as everyone is busy.  It is a family holiday where they honor their mothers.

Mexico, so as not to say, all of Latin America, holds the mother as the matriarch of society.  She is revered and held in highest esteem. There is, of course, somewhat of a religious connection, between the perception of motherhood in society, and their view of the mother of Jesus.  Mary is held even higher. She is the beacon of virtue.

I don't think even Mary, the mother of Jesus, was perfect. She was human.  I think honouring one's mother is a good thing.  She brought you into this world, she did her best to raise you, and she loved you. But, in many cases, our Fathers also did an awful lot for us, and yet are often forgotten on their day.

Let's face it, parenting isn't for the faint of heart.  It is a huge task, with huge results.  I often took my parents for granted.  Scripture says to "honor your father and mother", and I think we should do this more than on the date the calendar says to.

Happy Mother's Day!  Thanks Mom for being my Mom and thanks Mary (my mother-in-law) for raising a godly man who honours the Lord.

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